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IBIS: Learning for the Learners

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Ibis is an app for public school teachers to learn more about learning disabilities. Many teachers don't know the symptoms for learning disabilities, and don't have the resources for their classroom. This prototype app allows teachers to look up symptoms to see if their students may have a learning disability, and what they can do to make sure that their students reach their full potential.

As someone who didn’t get diagnosed with ADHD until an adult, I always felt weird and uncomfortable about the way my brain worked growing up in the public-school system. It took me a while to understand what problems were asking for, tests always felt short, I needed to draw or fidget during learning time, and sometimes couldn’t do assignments because I felt “lazy.” I wish that growing up, I had more accommodating teachers or teachers that could have said something earlier to my parents. So, I developed a prototype and case study to try and help teachers learn more about why we learn and what we need for accommodation.

Melissa Walker is a 5th grade teacher in the public school system who has a student who misses social cues. She thinks that they might have a learning disorder, and wants to find websites to help accommodate the classroom. See if you can find a learning disorder for this student, and see if you can find websites with classroom resources.

Project 3 Presentation
Download PDF • 40.37MB

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